Mary Fields

Professional Networker in Nanaimo, British Columbia, Canada

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Hello, Thanks for dropping by. I am a Professional Networker currently living in Nanaimo, British Columbia, Canada, with my wonderful husband of 30 years, Walter. Walter's passion is being a Basketball Coach which he has done for years, from College to High School. We have four wonderful kid 3 women, one man, and 6 awesome grandchildren, that we adore. I am currently sharing and building a business with the hottest product and industry in the market place. I couldn’t be more excited or have more fun. Networking marketing is literally a paid social life!

For 30 years now 2021, I have been building teams of people in Network Marketing, Prior to my career, I raised 3 daughters now six awesome grandchildren with our 4 great Moms and Dads. I love spending time with family & friends. Travel, Golf, walks on the beach and shopping. I am passionate about network marketing and coaching others in their journey.

In 1992 I joined my first company then Enrich Int, now called Unicity. Earned the top level, earned the car, the international trips, like Rome Cruises and more all in two years, in times of no computers, just my voice, phones and fax paper. I was hooked for life.

For good reasons, a few years later, one being at 57 and realized retirement was not too far off, and we didn't have any equity in a home, little RRSP, I saw a bleak retirement, so I needed to change what I was doing, that can only change by working for myself. I moved to a new company Trivita Int and took a leap of faith and quit a short term job and sabbatical from Networking, to grind it with Trivita, through cold calling in 4 months had a team of 40,000 and left that company with a team of 350,000, 20 years later. Trivita changed our lives dramatically. We were very grateful.

Then along with that, I understood the importance of building strong relationships in business and in life and was shown Send Out Cards, used it for my business and personal life for 14 years but discovered a more effective, fair and fun company MailBoxPower in 2021

So in February 2018, My final home based company. Free and anyone can earn on their referrals, no monthly order required. It's astounding. Over 1 Million in Sales first 9 weeks in. Go here to see why - we have a great sampling system. Check out our new product at

Your friends will hear about this little green pill. But you want to tell them first😳


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